Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L

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Il Salotto's extra virgin olive oils are produced with the highest quality standards. Thanks to our deep understanding of the characteristics of different wisely blended cultivars, we were able to create a high quality olive oil with unparalleled taste and characteristics.


The different cultivars used for the production of our extra virgin olive oils consist of Nocellara del Belice, Moresca and Tonda Iblea. This unique blend has been chosen to awaken your taste buds and positive emotions through products of Italian excellence.

The places and ways in which the olives are grown and processed have allowed them to obtain two of the most prestigious certifications: BIO and IGP (click to see our certificate).

Oil and Technology

Our oil is obtained by cold extraction in a continuous cycle, which is a mechanical process that takes place at a temperature below 27°C. Consequently, this allows the nutritional and physical properties of extra virgin olive oil to be kept unaltered, preserving its beneficial properties that are obtained once consumed.

To obtain a quality product it is of fundamental importance to produce a balanced blend and to pay the utmost attention to the production phases , intervening in the processes where necessary. The new technologies we use come to our aid by improving the entire production cycle.