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We personally ensure that each of the partners that we work with in this business, align with our own values and mission. This means we always look to support small to medium businesses in Italy who place big importance on not only high quality, highly nutritious products but also on the environmental impact they have with their operations.

Pitti Caffè

Since their beginning back in the early 30’s, Pitti Caffè have grown into a well established Italian brand with their coffees being enjoyed all around the world. It is a pleasure that Il Salotto partners with Pitti Caffè as the only brand to currently provide this sensational, high-quality coffee in Zurich.


A quality pasta made with passion and wisdom, respecting the tradition for the processing of carefully selected wheat, which gives Pasta Pirro an unmistakable taste.

A made in Italy product made with scrupulous attention in the choice of strictly excellent raw material.


"The secret of our recipe are the ingredients"

Since 1984.

Traceability, healthiness, innovation, sustainability.

The brand of the Madeo supply chain.


"Tradition is our main ingredient and Passion is what heats our ovens: we have been creating signature confections for three generations and we bring them to tables across the world."


Ever since 1641, the finest vinegar of Modena has borne the surname Carandini, one of the oldest noble families of Modena. Its healthful properties and characteristic flavor — bittersweet, balanced and harmonious — are the fruits of a long- established artisanal tradition handed down from generation to generation. From Antonio to Giuseppe, to Bianca and Emilio, the age-old craft has been passed from parent to child.

Now, as then, the direct descendants of those noble practitioners of taste are passionate about producing outstanding balsamic vinegars appreciated all over the world. From selecting the best ingredients to overseeing the ripening and aging cycles, each phase of production is strictly monitored to guarantee a product of the very highest quality. The perfect accompaniment to the world’s finest dishes, to good health and to a long life.


We want to offer the world wines distinguished by
pleasantness and complexity,
wines that are capable of captivating and making happy those who taste them.

We intend to represent the excellence of Made in Italy, the dialogue between art, wine and sustainability.

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